Résumé (So many accents!)

Film & Television
You Don’t Know Jack (w/Al Pacino)
Tom Youk (Euthanasia patient with ALS)
HBO Films/Dir. Barry Levinson
The Hodag
Gene (LEAD, tough alcoholic father)
Dir. Hadrien Royo
Jonas (Supp, funny, trouble-making best friend)
Iridescent Films/Dir. Gustavo Mercado
Mike (CO-STAR, uplifting/crushing stranger)
Three Best Friends
Celebrity Ghost Stories
Chauffer (Supp, Ominous storyteller)
Biography Channel/Dir. Seth Jarrett
Mysteries of the Museum
Various period characters(Supp)
Travel Channel/Dir. Remy Weber
In Jack’s Time
Jack (LEAD, conflicted hitman/father)
Dir. David Kim
The Real Deal
Josh (LEAD, congenial date rapist)
Corporate Media Services/Dir. John Foltz
The Henchman
Bob/Number 8 (LEAD, soft bad guy)
Henchman Productions
Nice Guys
Alex (LEAD, bad boyfriend)
Imagine Me Productions
See I A…
Kenny (LEAD, ex-cop hero)
Imagine Me Productions
Jared (Supp, mistreated boyfriend)
Imagine Me Productions
When Life Gives You Lemons
Avery Mann (Supp, apathetic anybody)
Imagine Me Productions
Undiscovered New York: Uncovered
Bif (Supp, Straightest Gay Man Ever)
Tijuana Yacht Club/Dir. Jen Kwok & Eric Fortin
The Subject
Tommy (Supp, aggressive jerk)
Dir. David Kim
Two Rooms
Walker (LEAD, helpful friend…or selfish reporter?)
The Seeing Place Theater
Men in White
Levine/Rummond (Supp, broken man/rich brat)
The Seeing Place Theater
Beard Envy (co-writer)
Willy (LEAD, bearded eccentric)
The Barrow Group Theatre/Dir. Ngozi Anyanwu
Three Minutes to Midnight
Sandwich (LEAD, Boss Alien)
The Dirty Blondes
A Piece of Property
Pete (Naysaying best friend)
The Players Theatre/Dir. Catherine Lamm
A Year in the Life…in a City by the Lake
Jack (LEAD, confused son)
The Algonquin Theatre/Dir. Shaun Colledge
Last Encounters
William (LEAD, abusive landowner)
The Wings Theatre/Dir. Diamando Stratakos
The Spiritual Buffet
Barney (LEAD, Buddhist husband)
Ossie Davis Theater/Dir. Catherine Lamm
The Best Party Ever
The Host & other LEAD characters
Richmond Shepard Theatre/Dir. Annie Ward
The Society for Saving Men (Staged Reading)
Blake (drugged-up parolee)
Dramatist’s Guild/Dir. George Romaine
Just for Giggles
Multiple LEAD comedic characters
The Abingdon Theatre/Dir. Bobby Holder
Theatre of the Diverse
Multiple LEAD roles
The Barrow Group/Dir. Bobby Holder
Actor Stories
Dow Blue and other LEAD characters
Urban Stages Theatre/Dir. Bobby Holder
The Virgin…Witch…Wardrobe (Staged Reading)
Stage Reader & other characters
Prophecy Writing Lab/Dir. Ain Rashida Sykes
The Best Part of My Day
Steve (Frustrated anybody)
Dir. Gregory Damis-Wulff
2008 Democratic Debate
Bill Clinton (Sex-crazed President)
Absent Minded Comedy/Dir. Rob King
James Calleri
James Calleri Casting
Tim Phillips
Tim Phillips Studio
Kimberly Graham
Judy Henderson Casting
Katherine Ryan
Don Buchwald & Associates
Monologue, Audition, & Sketch
Bobby Holder
The Actor’s Project NYC
Thomas Kremer
Group Coaching
Basic Processes
Thomas LaChiusa
Group Coaching
Bachelor of Arts
Binghamton University
Psychology (cum laude)
Bachelor of Science
Binghamton University
Management (concentration in Finance) (cum laude)

Languages: Intermediate Spanish
Accents: New Yawwk, Southern US, Cockney, Indian, Midwest, and others, as well as various characters and impressions
Sports: Wrestling (former Division I athlete), hand-to-hand circus partner acrobatics, advanced yoga, weightlifting, baseball, slow-pitch softball, basketball, ping-pong, and football
Talents: EXCELLENT at catching things in my mouth, improvisation, guitar, electric bass guitar, photography, tools/handyman, computers, type 75 wpm, I can “roll my stomach” and do The Worm