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Justin Hoch


10/3/14 I'm excited to announce that I'll be taking part in a film entitled The Hodag. We'll be shooting at the end of November in Wisconsin.

7/2/14 An episode in which I appear from the webseries ingenue was released today! Very excited with how it turned out. So much fun to shoot, too. Big thanks and credit to series creators Martine Moore, David Brent, and Augie Praley.

Human Decency
from Lee August Praley on Vimeo.

2/28/14 Another stellar review from Scott at Reviews Off Broadway:

2/27/14 So check out this review out from Chris McKittrick at DailyActor.com:

And this review from Howard Miller at TalkinBroadway.com:

And these audience reviews from TimeOut NY:

2/21/14 We've opened Two Rooms and Dying City! Tickets are available here: Two Rooms | Dying City

Photos by Russ Rowland.

12/28/13 The fest run continues! Saturnalia has been accepted into the Richmond International Film Festival!

12/25/13 Since I had it, I figured I might as well use it:

Justin Hoch

12/7/13 I was just cast to play Walker in TWO ROOMS, by Lee Blessing. We open February 21st, 2014!

Time Magazine named it the "Best Play of the Year" in 1988.

11/24/13 MEN IN WHITE has closed! It was a great run and I had a really good time. Looking forward to the next show!

11/8/13 MEN IN WHITE has opened!

10/9/13 Postcards are in for Men in White! I am playing Dr. Levine and Mr. Rummond in this rare revival of the 1934 Pulitzer Prize winner. I'm very excited. We open November 8th and run through the 24th. Tickets are available now for single shows and season package deals.

10/5/13 Saturnalia has won a slew of awards and was just accepted into another festival - the Crown Heights Film Festival. So far, it's won:

Best Narrative Feature - Cincinnati Film Festival
Special Jury Feature Award - Columbia Gorge International Film Festival
Best Feature - Kingston Film Festival
Best Cinematography - Chain NYC Film Festival
Best Actress - Chain NYC Film Festival
Best Actress - Woods Hole Film Festival

This was taken on the set of Saturnalia:

Because I think it's funny, here's what I've looked like in the past: